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Project & Portfolio Management (PPM) Solution | Power PPM

Project & Portfolio Management (PPM) Solution | Power PPM

Power PPM is the Next Gen PPM Solution Powered by Microsoft

Project & Portfolio Management (PPM) Solution | Power PPM2022-04-27T04:15:28+01:00
Power PPM

Power PPM is the next-gen Project & Portfolio Management (PPM) solution that provides PMOs, business units and wider teams with an intuitive, yet powerful solution that supports all aspects from project and portfolio management to resource management and financial forecasting. 

Choose Power PPM to enable seamless collaboration, transparency and real-time insights that highlight bottlenecks and other issues so that you can find clarity when you need it most and make informed decisions. 

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Power PPM

The PPM Solution to Support the Organisation and EVERY Team

Power PPM is built on the future proof Microsoft Platform and provides users with a familiar, modern, and user-friendly interface that can be accessed natively within Microsoft Teams. Power PPM enables managers to align remote teams, enable collaboration and maintain compliance, whilst team members get clarity on their work. With everything in once place, you get a single version of the truth.

This next gen project and portfolio management solution can be customised to your organisation’s needs and scaled to support teams of all sizes, across all locations.

The Next Gen PPM solution to power the Future PMO

Power PPM can help PMO’s to centralise ideation, project prioritisation, drive consistency in project management, governance and by providing real-time visibility across the portfolio enables informed decision making. 

 As well as allowing integration with your existing solution ecosystem, Power PPM supports various delivery models ranging from Scaled Agile, Hybrid to Traditional.  

Power PPM
Power PPM

“Power PPM supports FLSmidth’s vision of a modern way of working around projects, and i have no doubt in my mind that we will further utilize the Power Platform in the future.” 

Morten Noergaard Nielsen
Global Strategic Supplier Management 

A comprehensive end-to-end Project & Portfolio Management solution

Portfolio | Make the right decisions, with a real-time portfolio overview

Prioritise and control your organisation’s portfolios. Deliver your strategic objectives by creating and managing portfolios top-down. Gain visibility of programmes, projects, and initiatives to stay on top of the overall implementation roadmaps, financial statuses, risks and much more. Use Power BI to access portfolio insights or use the native Power Apps charts for real-time and in-app portfolio dashboards.

Project | Collect all project details in one place

Manage projects and associated business cases from one central location. Connect critical project data from the timeline together with key information on risks, issues, KPIs, financials and stakeholders. Project Managers stay on top of business processes, gate governance and checklists from a modern user interface.

Plan and optimise your work with weekly timesheets in a time tracking solution

Interactive Timelines | Make your scheduling easy and transparent

Power PPM comes with an intuitive and rich scheduling interface that provides timeline and roadmap planning capabilities to support portfolios, programmes, projects and workstreams with the ability to cross-project progress in real-time. The Gantt chart can be also customised and tailored to support enterprise level control and governance.

Collaboration | Enable teams to work the way they want

Power PPM works with Microsoft Teams, allowing team members to stay in the app that brings everyone together. Users can update progress on all work items such as tasks and risks whilst the project manager can gain visibility from within Power PPM. This approach ensures the best role-based user experience which is one of the key benefits of using Power PPM and the Power Platform.

Collaboration with Power PPM
Financials with Power PPM

Financials | Manage your finances on all PPM levels

Power PPM includes interactive financial grids that can be configured to support advanced financial budgeting and forecasting needs as well as calculation of ETC and EAC. Users can add row-level comments and quickly create cost plan versions for easy comparison of data changes over time. Based on roles certain users i.e. programme managers can see the collective financial situation, across the portfolio in real-time.

Reporting | Immersive dashboards and reports through Microsoft Power BI

Gain access to meaningful insights from your PPM data to enable better business decisions.

Power BI can be embedded within Power PPM and customised to suit your specific requirements and to suit different audiences. Through Power BI you can easily combine Power PPM data with other date from other business solutions to access joined up views.

Reporting with Power PPM

The Power PPM Suite

The next gen solutions we provide and their use cases:

  • Power PPM | Project Portfolio Management

  • Team Planner | Resource Planning

  • Time for Teams | Time Tracking

  • Power Hub | BI Dashboards / Trend Analysis

  • Present It | Status Reporting

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