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Project Reporting Improved | Power Hub

Project Reporting Improved | Power Hub

Power HUB is the solution that enables Snapshots for auditing and trend analysis

Project Reporting Improved | Power Hub2022-04-27T04:16:07+01:00
Power Hub

Better decision-making through structured & accessible business analytics

Power Hub is like a data ‘time machine’, similar to a DeLorean (with a Flux Capacitor) it enables you to snapshot and then retrieve stored data for project reporting, auditing and trend analysis.

With access to trend-based insights, decision-making becomes more efficient and informed, allowing for timely intervention before issues and bottlenecks impact initiatives.

Power Hub, built on Microsoft Azure functions as a separate database and offers exceptional performance whilst offering further scalability.

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Power Hub

Store, sync and retrieve data

Power Hub combines data from multiple sources and stores it in a structured way for improved reporting and AI analysis, whilst allowing version control. The synchronisation of data to Power Hub is based on event triggers that enable real-time project reporting. Power Hub makes it possible to retrieve data even after it is deleted from the source system, it can also assist with the manual restoration of lost data.

Built for data-driven decision-making

Snapshots and baselines play a critical part in being able to accurately analyse progress and to see variances. Through Power Hub, you can create historical snapshots at any time for real-time historical analysis and to view changes from either a planning or financial perspective.

Power Hub

Enabling Big Data across you PPM Portfolio

Trend Overview | Financial Trends | Risk Trends

Resource Trends | Delivery Date Changes

Give your data context

Power Hub

Trend Overview | Developments on key numbers

Gives an overview of the current data-set against End of Month (EOM) snapshots for previous months.

Financial Trends | Track financial key figures

Track the portfolio’s current financials against snapshots from previous timeframes.

Power Hub
Power Hub

Risk Trends | Smarter insights for business forecasting

Access a detailed view of risk evolution across projects.

Resource Trends | Historical data on resource demand management

Gain a detailed view of resource requests and allocated hours against projects requirements.

Resource Trends | Historical data on resource demand management
Power Hub

Delivery Date Changes | Postponed delivery dates

View postponed delivery date trends and gain valuable insights.

The Power PPM Suite

The next gen solutions we provide and their use cases:

  • Power PPM | Project Portfolio Management

  • Team Planner | Resource Planning

  • Time for Teams | Time Tracking

  • Power Hub | BI Dashboards / Trend Analysis

  • Present It | Status Reporting

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