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Project Status Reporting | Present It

Project Status Reporting | Present It

Present IT delivering automated PowerPoint and Word Reporting

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Present It

Beautiful status reports directly in Word or Powerpoint with real-time data

Present It enables you to build scheduled and automated status reports in standardised formats that reflect your organisational brands look and feel.

The Present It status reporting tool enables Project Managers to stop manually producing formatted paginated reports by automatically generating them, at whatever frequency required whether it’s monthly, weekly or even daily. This allows Project Managers and other users to focus on delivering real value rather than on tedious activities.

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Present it - Status Reporting in Power PPM

A smart tool for project status reporting

Present It is a Business Intelligence tool that enables you to create standardised PowerPoint or Word documents through Microsoft Power Automate. This status reporting tool was built to enable Project Managers to work smarter by spending less time on administrative time-consuming tasks and more time on value-adding activities.

Stunning reports in one click

Present It combines data from multiple sources to create stunning documents or slide decks without the need for individuals manually collating and formatting. All the insights without the effort.

Present It

Present IT delivers reporting in the format that users want

Project Status reporting in PowerPoint or Word

Present It

Project Status | Generate reports quickly and easily

Create your weekly status reports at the push of a button.

Stunning Reports | Customise your reports

Incorporate dynamic images and icons to make them pop.

Present It
Present It

Dynamic Charts | Save time with default features

Great looking charts without having to create them from scratch every time.

Intuitive Overviews | Insights on time spent

Show your project or event milestones in a timeline chart in paginated form.

Present It

The Power PPM Suite

The next gen solutions we provide and their use cases:

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  • Team Planner | Resource Planning

  • Time for Teams | Time Tracking

  • Power Hub | BI Dashboards / Trend Analysis

  • Present It | Status Reporting

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