Unifying experiences from to-dos, tasks, plans and projects for seamless collaboration.

Collaboration is key to success in today’s fast-paced business world. Recognising the changing needs of users, Microsoft has introduced the new and improved Microsoft Planner. This streamlined experience seamlessly integrates teams, tasks, and productivity, making it easier for everyone to work together. The new Planner is scalable, and it can handle anything from simple task management to enterprise project management. This enhanced experience will be available in Spring 2024 within Microsoft Teams and as a web experience later in 2024.

In this article, we’ll delve into the key enhancements that make the latest iteration of Microsoft Planner a powerful tool for professionals across various industries.

Project for the web morphs into the New Planner: A Modern Unified Collaboration Hub

One of the standout features of the enhanced Microsoft Planner is its role as a centralised collaboration hub. Microsoft is bringing together the simplicity of Microsoft To-Do, the collaboration of Microsoft Planner, the power of Microsoft Project for the web and the intelligence of Microsoft Copilot into a simple, unified experience. This fosters a more cohesive and efficient workflow, streamlining communication and minimising the disconnect often associated with work management.

Intuitive Task Management

Efficiency lies at the heart of the new Microsoft Planner, with a refined task management system that empowers users to stay organised effortlessly. The updated user interface ensures a more intuitive task creation and tracking process, allowing teams to focus on their work rather than navigating through complex menus. This enhanced simplicity is complemented by robust features that enable detailed task customization, priority setting, and seamless integration with other Microsoft 365 applications.

Seamless Integration with Microsoft 365

The true power of the new Microsoft Planner lies in its seamless integration with the broader Microsoft 365 ecosystem. Leveraging the strengths of experiences like Microsoft Loop, Microsoft Outlook, Viva Goals, and Teams, users can now experience a fluid transition between tasks and collaborative discussions. This deep integration not only enhances productivity but also ensures that teams can leverage the full spectrum of Microsoft 365 tools without any disruptions.

Adding in a dash of Intelligence

AI is here to help accelerate outcomes. Coming in Spring 2024, you’ll be able to generate new plans, establish goals, track statuses and do much more though simple straightforward, natural-language prompts. Copilot is your dedicated support system, streamlining work and project management processes to unprecedented levels of speed and simplicity for you and your team.

Timelines for the New Planner Roadmap

  • November 2023: The Tasks by Planner and To Do app in Teams will be renamed Planner.
  • Spring 2024: The new Planner app in Teams will be generally become available. Microsoft Project for the web will be renamed to Planner.
  • Later in 2024: The web experience of the new Planner will become generally available. The features you know and love in Microsoft Project for the web will be available in the new Planner app in Teams and the Planner web app.

What about Microsoft Project, Project Online and Project Server?

The existing, traditional Project suite will continue to be available. Project Online does not have a defined end-of-support date and existing users can be reassured that they can continue to use the solution and that Project Plans, 1, 3 and 5 can also access the new Planner experience.

Next Steps

We’re really excited by the new Planner experience and by the possibilities it offers to supercharge PMOs and the project experience generally across all organisations’.

If you’re an existing Wellingtone customer using Project for the web, your Account Manager will be in touch shortly to discuss the transition to the new experience.

If you’re currently exploring PMO/PPM solutions and would like to understand ‘the art of the possible’ and how we can assist you on the journey, then please contact us to discuss further.

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By: Baz Khinda

Baz Khinda
Commercial Director, BA, MBS, MCTS, CertBusM, PRINCE2, Microsoft P-SSP (Partner Solution Sales professional)

Published: 15 November 2023

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