Over the last 12 months I have noticed a new trend beginning to appear amongst several of Wellingtone’s larger clients who have multiple programmes and projects running simultaneously. There is a small yet significant step change away from the traditional Waterfall methodology of project management control to the world of agile, however despite agile being a well-established technique, they still want to see Prince 2, PMP etc experience on the candidate CV’s.

Why the need for a hybrid project manager and not a specialist in either methodology? I have discussed this in-depth with a number of members of the hiring community and it would appear that although there is a genuine desire to utilise more agile methodologies, there does not seem to be the depth of experience and understanding of what this would entail in the real world outside of software development environment and as a consequence flavours of Prince 2 remain the dominant force in project control.

This has given rise to the requirement to source a new breed of hybrid project manager, who can operate in both camps seamlessly and in the ever competitive Interim space this is definitely proving advantageous to candidates who have developed expertise in both techniques.

In conclusion I would definitely say that the requirements for this fairly rare commodity will continue to rise as technologies continue to converge and speed is of the essence.