The year 2020 has been a turbulent one for PMO and Project professionals alike. With many projects being stopped or placed on hold, teams disbanded, and organisations changing direction now is the perfect time for a review of current performance and re-boot the journey to the future.

To support PMO and Project Professionals, we developed a series of tools designed for you to MOT your PMO, your PPM Technology and your own skills. We shared the tools through a series of webinars from June to September.

Helpful note: All our tools are free to use.

Webinar 1: MOT Your PMO

It is important to take a step back every now and again and take a view on how our PMOs are performing.

A Project Portfolio Management maturity assessment is always a great way to get an independent perspective and an opportunity to benchmark a PMO against others in the same industry.

However, this is sometimes not accessible due to internal constraints, so in order to help PMOs, Wellingtone has developed a PMO MOT test that you can complete internally and begin to understand your opportunities to improve, design an action plan, and ultimately your case for change.

Webinar 2: MOT your PPM Technology

It is important when looking for a Project Portfolio Management (PPM) tool to consider certain aspects before making any decisions. It is important to understand that most of the PPM tools out there will do everything you want them to do; however, we should remember that everything we want is often not what we need.

PMOs need to take some time to understand how best to position themselves or the future challenges faced by organisations, so Wellingtone has developed this short questionnaire to help guide people towards the tool that may best suit them for their own reality.

MOT Your PPM Technology in this free Wellingtone questionnaire, which is set out like an online quiz and is free to use. It is easily accessible in English and Spanish and can provide an insight into what technology would work for your organisation.

Webinar 3: MOT Your PPM Skills

Project Management skills vary from person to person and it can be difficult for individuals to identify areas for improvement. This MOT will enable you to learn more about your own skills and find areas of strength and areas of opportunity across six perspectives:

  • Project Leadership & Governance
  • Project Scoping & Planning
  • Project Stakeholders & Communication
  • Project Resource & Cost Management
  • PPM Methods & Tools
  • Project Risk, Issue & Change Management

This MOT tool helps users to begin to design the next step in their PPM journey.

Need to Reboot Your PMO?

Over the past months, we have seen and spoken to many PMOs in crisis; who are questioning their own value as working from home took hold, and projects got defunded right in front of their eyes.

Our Wellingtone view has always been crystal clear thanks to our annual research paper The State of Project Management, and the response we received to the series of webinars we have worked on concerning new ways of innovation; and that view is that NOW is the time for your PMO to come into its own and really show its worth so the organisation sees the PMO as a value-adding business partner.

As a result, we are offering a FREE consultation with a PMO Specialist who can help to discuss challenges, ideas, and hopefully re-inspire you and your PMO for the future – whatever that looks like. We do still have some upcoming slots available.

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By: Emma Arnaz-Pemberton

Emma Arnaz-Pemberton
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Published: 28 September 2020

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