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APM Project Management Qualification

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The APM Project Management Qualification (SCQF Level 7) is a knowledge-based qualification. This is a qualification for project managers with minimum two years experience who want to manage projects of all sizes. It is the ideal next step for anyone holding the APM Project Fundamentals Qualification. It enables you to demonstrate knowledge of all elements of project management. You’ll be able to demonstrate an understanding of how these elements interact and how your project fits into your strategic and commercial environment.

Typically delivered over 4.5 days (either classroom or remote live or a blend of the two), we recommend this comprehensive course is split over three weeks: 2 days of training in weeks 1 and 2 followed by the exam in week 3.

This structure enables the delegates to absorb and digest new knowledge and to complete several practice exams on which they get individual feedback from the trainer. This practice and feedback have proven invaluable, and it is key to our high pass rates. All our delegates receive the official APM PMQ study guide and our comprehensive Welllingtone Training Pack. Those seeking a shorter course opt for the 2-day Project Fundamentals Qualification.

APM PMQ Course Details

The APM Project Management Qualification is the UK’s most prestigious certification for experienced project managers. Aimed at project managers with at least two years of experience, it is well-recognised evidence of an understanding of best practices for project management.

We deliver the course either face to face or remotely live, and regardless of format, the experienced trainer (who is, of course, APM PMQ certified) will make sure to deliver an engaging and interactive class with lots of storytelling, examples and activities to help ensure you master the subjects.

This qualification is ideal for those looking to build on their practical project management experience. The APM recommends that candidates have at least two years project management experience.


We typically deliver this course over 4.5 days, with the 5th day spent preparing for and sitting the 3-hour exam. In the course we cover all topics to the required depth and do a lot of exam practice. Every day, you will complete authentic practice questions in the proper exam format, and we will also do three practice exams throughout the course. Each delegate gets personal feedback on their work from day 1. This means you will be on the right track to success from the beginning and have several opportunities to tweak and improve your exam technique throughout the course. All our delegates receive a comprehensive training pack, which includes the official APM PMQ Study Guide.

The APM exam fee is £456 per delegate, which is included in your course fee. Your trainer will arrange and invigilate your exam registration so you do not need to submit paperwork or configure your computer.

APM PMQ Topics

  • Organisational structure

  • Project life cycles
  • The project context

  • Project communications

  • Leadership and teamwork

  • Planning for success
  • Lessons learned

  • Benefits management

  • Risk and Issue Management

  • Project Scope Management

  • Project quality management

  • Schedule management

  • Resource optimisation

  • Project procurement

  • Cost management

  • Earned value management

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Project Management Qualification (PMQ) right for me?2024-03-11T12:04:55+00:00

This qualification is for those wanting to participate in projects of all sizes. You should have existing project management experience, ideally 2 years or more. You may already have the PFQ qualification but this is not a requirements. If you would like further guidance about the right qualification, please contact us.

When do we get our results?2022-02-09T14:36:54+00:00

Each candidate receives their results directly via email from the APM. They also send the full results of each exam to us and we share this with the appropriate L&D / HR contact in your organisation. Results can take up to 6 weeks for the PMQ exam.

What happens if delegates don’t pass the exam?2022-02-09T14:35:35+00:00

APM exams are either simply “pass” or “fail” based on a clear pass mark requirement. Don’t worry if a delegate fails the exam, they can retake it at a reduced re-sit APM exam fee as many times as they like. If we are delivering a set of courses re-take delegates are welcome to join a future course or join a future exam sitting at no cost (excluding APM exam fee).

If we have completed all training for your organisation we are happy to invigilate an exam resit over ½ a day or provide a full day of revision and exam, both at a discounted cost.

How do candidates sit the exam?2024-01-16T13:14:58+00:00

All exams are undertaken online, whether the course is in person or remote-live. For those undertaking the exam remotely delegates join a Teams or Zoom call on their mobile device so we can invigilate them whilst undertaking the exam on their laptop. The process works well and we have completed hundreds of exams for many different organisations.

How are candidates registered for the exam?2022-02-09T14:36:15+00:00

We’ll do this for you. As an APM Accredited Training Provider, we will register your delegates for the exam a couple of weeks ahead of the exam date.  We’ll send each delegate login details and their candidate code on the day of the exam. Please note once a candidate is registered with the APM then the exam fee is payable, whether they sit the exam or not.

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