Toastmasters International

Course Summary

Speaking with impact is an essential skill to have for anybody announcing difficult or challenging news to diverse audiences. Doing so is not necessarily easy as it requires staying on message, being clear on what one’s is seeking to achieve, knowing one’s audience and delivering with conviction.

This workshop will provide attendees with a framework to deliver impactful presentations to potentially challenging audiences. The framework will empower attendees to put strong and well-structured presentation together that will be ‘on message’ for their audiences. Participants will have plenty of opportunities to practice putting together impactful presentations during the workshop, both with and without prior preparation.

In Particular, this Workshop will Cover:

  • The ‘Why, What and How’ of preparing an impactful speech or presentation.

  • Gathering intelligence on one’s audience and why it matters.

  • Delivery techniques to project gravitas and conviction.

  • Approaches to structure content for maximum impact.

Course Agenda & Assessment

  • Course Opening & Introductions

  • Key Expectations

  • Educational Presentations

  • Impromptu Speaking

  • Speeches by Participants Followed by Structured Feedback

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This Masterclass is only available as part of the upcoming PMO Academy – it can be attended independently or combined with other PMO courses to create a personal development journey to address what you need right now. If you book more than 1 course you are entitled to a £50 discount using the code PMOACADEMY.