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PMO Academy

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PMO Academy

Dedicated to the needs of PMO practitioners at every level, our exclusive PMO Academy delivers a pick and mix of learning opportunities. Globally, our ground-breaking Core Courses are the only PMO professional courses independently Accredited by the APM.

The Wellingtone PMO Academy supports your journey through the PMO career ladder which is aligned to the Wellingtone Competence Framework. It provides an opportunity to select a ‘pick and mix’ of training to get the most out of you and your PMO’s development. Be inspired and create a practical toolbox to support your organisation regardless of what your ‘P’ stands for.

1-Day PMO Explorer

Designed as an introduction to the PMO industry, this course is for those new to the PMO world or looking to find out more about what it means to choose it as a career.

The PMO Explorer course provides delegates with an overview of the PMO career path, explores the Wellingtone PMO principles, and disseminates the core knowledge needed to begin your journey.

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  • Exclusive Wellingtone course

  • Quarterly Public Courses

  • Available In-House Customised for Your Organisation

"This course is the latest piece in the PMO Academy jigsaw; supporting those that may have recently chosen PMO as their career path and want to excel"
Emma-Ruth Arnaz-Pemberton
Director of Consulting Services
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2-Day PMO Practitioner

Aligned to both APM and PMI Bodies of Knowledge, this course is designed for PMO Practitioners of all levels who are delivering, managing, implementing or transforming a PMO.

It tackles the myths surrounding the PMO, the latest thought leadership, and defined best practice to provide an agnostic and holistic view on how the PMO can work in the real world. Peppered with practical exercises & discussion this course will get you thinking about your PMO and how to take it to the next level.

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  • Exclusive Wellingtone course

  • Independently Accredited by the APM

  • Monthly Public Courses

  • Available In-House Customised for Your Organisation

"The facilitators were fantastic. They went above and beyond their remit, providing us with a constant flow of knowledge and ideas. It felt more like a bespoke consultancy than an off-the-shelf training syllabus."
Institute of Cancer Research
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3-Day PMO Leader

This truly ground breaking course is designed for those pioneering the PMO in their organisations, who want to venture into new and uncharted territory dealing with the most challenging aspects of leading a PMO.

This course pushes the boundaries of PMO Learning with Project Based Learning at its core to encourage critical thinking and reflective practice over an extended period, supported by our PMO Specialists through regular mentoring sessions.

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  • Exclusive Wellingtone Course

  • Independently Accredited by the APM

  • Quarterly Public Course

  • Exclusive for PMO Practitioner Delegates

  • Project Based Learning with Post-Course Mentoring & Support

"Project Based Learning is the way forward."
"I've particularly enjoyed being able to apply my learnings to my own project."
Collinson Group
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The core classes listed above are supported by masterclasses, which change every quarter.

The masterclasses listed below are currently available for a limited time.  Please contact us if you have any questions.

Advanced Analytics with Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft PowerBI

This masterclass is designed to provide delegates with a step by step tuition on leveraging Microsoft Power BI. Delivered by one of Wellingtone’s Power BI specialists, this course will ensure that you can connect to data, analyse and manipulate that data to give your Leaders the right perspective to enable them to make informed decisions.

  • Delivered by a Microsoft Power BI Specialist.

  • Learn how to develop stunning reports and dashboards.

  • Understand how to interrogate and analyse data to obtain useful information.

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Advanced Planning & Resourcing Masterclass

This masterclass is designed to demonstrate to delegates the power behind Microsoft Project when utilised to its full capacity for planning and resourcing of projects and programmes. Delivered by one of Wellingtone’s MS Project specialists, this course can be practical (if you bring your laptop with MS Project installed) or a demonstration of the toolkit available.

Microsoft Project
  • Delivered by a Microsoft Project Specialist

  • Learn little used but powerful MS Project functionality.

  • Return to work with confidence in your Resourcing ability.

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Making Impactful Presentations Masterclass

Toastmasters International

This workshop will provide attendees with a framework to deliver impactful presentations to potentially challenging audiences. The framework will empower attendees to put strong and well-structured presentation together that will be ‘on message’ for their audiences. Participants will have plenty of opportunities to practice putting together impactful presentations during the workshop, both with and without prior preparation.

  • Delivered by Toastmasters who specialise in public speaking coaching.

  • Part of a series of masterclasses designed to help your skills grow over time.

  • Gain confidence and techniques to communicate and simplify complex information.

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1-Day PMO Value Ring Practitioner

The PMO Value Ring Practitioner (PMO-CP) course was created by the PMO Global Alliance; an international think tank and community of practice started in Brazil, which aims to foster research and implementation of better PMO practices.

The course assesses the understanding of the PMO Value Ring methodology including an overview of the proprietary software that supports it.

PMO Value Ring
  • Exclusive UK Partner

  • Accredited by the Global PMO Alliance

  • Offered On-Demand

"Project Based Learning is the way forward."
"I've particularly enjoyed being able to apply my learnings to my own project."
Collinson Group
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Dates & FAQs

The next PMO Academy Course is offered 16 March – 27 March 2020 with the following schedule:

  • 16-17 March – 2-Day PMO Practitioner

  • 18-20 March – 3-Day PMO Leader

  • 23 March – 1-Day PMO Explorer

  • 24 March – Advanced Planning & Resourcing Masterclass

  • 25 March – Making Impactful Presentations Masterclass

  • 26 March – Advanced Analytics with Microsoft Power BI

  • 27 March – 1-Day PMO Value Ring Practitioner

Frequently Asked Questions

The next PMO Academy Course is offered 16 March – 27 March 2020 with the following schedule:

Why the PMO Academy?2019-10-17T02:08:52+01:00

At Wellingtone, we are passionate about PMO and we acknowledge that the way we learn is changing. One generic course after another is not giving PMO people what they need to truly succeed.

The Wellingtone PMO Academy takes its ethos from our PPM DNA analogy; where every learner is different just like every organisation. So we devised it to provide a unique pick and mix of courses based on what is pertinent right now in the industry; both for your organisation and for you.

Will the masterclasses be the same at each PMO Academy?2019-10-17T02:08:55+01:00

No, the Toastmasters series will bring a new topic to each PMO Academy to ensure that you can come back and continue your development in this important area. The technology courses we have selected will change depending on demand, industry trends, and also what PMO Practitioners are telling us is important to them at that time.

So, you will never run the same courses again?2019-10-17T02:08:57+01:00

The PMO Academy core courses will always be available at each event. When it comes to Masterclasses, we may at some point run the same content in the future, but it will depend on the needs of the industry and our delegates.

Why the distinction between Core Academy and Masterclass courses?2019-10-17T02:09:00+01:00

The core courses are the staple learning opportunities for all PMO Practitioners; with every level catered for. It is therefore important that these are included at every PMO Academy.

The Masterclasses are; as the name implies, focused on a specialist set of deliverables for the delegates who attend.

Why these masterclasses?2019-10-17T02:09:02+01:00

When we speak to PMO Practitioners during our courses or our annual research, we ask them what topics they would like to explore. For the first PMO Academy we picked some of the most pertinent.

  • Ensuring that PMO people have the upper hand when planning and scheduling so they can support their delivery teams better with Microsoft Project.

  • Providing the opportunity to develop personally as well as technically to provide a total wellness approach to PMO learning through our series with Toastmasters focusing on public speaking, influencing, and storytelling.

  • According to our research, reporting remains the top activity for PMO teams, so making sure that PMO people can leverage the latest technology to not only support their Leaders to make informed decisions, but to do it in an efficient, less manual way than they have been used to.

Who will run the Masterclasses?2019-10-17T02:09:07+01:00

We pride ourselves on always to giving our delegates a variety of perspectives so the Masterclasses will be run by the most appropriate trainers. Sometimes this will be Wellingtone, and other times it will be a Master in their field from the industry.

Will the Masterclasses always be one day courses?2019-10-17T02:09:10+01:00

Not necessarily, depending on the topic, we may have half or several day Masterclasses for you to pick from.

Will the classes be massive?2019-10-17T02:09:12+01:00

All PMO Academy courses are purposefully kept small to make sure that our delegates get the most out of the experience.

How often will the PMO Academy run?2019-10-17T02:09:14+01:00

Not very often. Because Wellingtone commit to mentoring some of those that attend our PMO Leader course, the PMO Academy itself will run a maximum of three times a year.

Its exclusive but it’s a great accolade to be a part of it.

How do I combine courses?2019-10-17T02:29:27+01:00

Below you can see a table showing a combination of two courses. You will notice a discount is applied when booking more than one. If you want to combine several (up to 6) courses, contact us and we can give you a bespoke price at

Core Academy Masterclasses
Pick your first course Standalone PMO-E PMO-P PMO-L MS Project Toastmasters MS Power BI PMO Value Ring
PMO Explorer £ 345 £ 672 £ 672 £ 672 £ 721
PMO Practitioner £ 695 £ 2,622 £ 1,014 £ 1,014 £ 1,014 £ 1,062
PMO Leader £ 345 £ 2,421 £ 2,281 £ 2,281 £ 2,281 £ 2,330
MS Project £ 345 £ 672 £ 1,014 £ 2,281 £ 672 £ 672 £ 721
Toastmasters £ 345 £ 672 £ 1,014 £ 2,281 £ 672 £ 672 £ 721
MS Power BI £ 345 £ 672 £ 1,014 £ 2,281 £ 672 £ 672 £ 721
PMO Value Ring £ 395 £ 721 £ 1,062 £ 2,330 £ 721 £ 721 £ 721
Future PMO - the One-Day PMO Event


The annual one day conference dedicated to the PMO brings together +300 practitioners from around the world. Hear from thought leaders, practitioners and keynote speakers. Network, learn, share and grow. FuturePMO is not like any other business conference.

With a sprinkling of fun, great food & our team as hosts, we promise an amazing & enlightening time for you and your team!

Visit FuturePMO

PPM, PMO & P3M3 Maturity Assessment & Benchmarking

Abstract wave lines

To achieve a new vision for Project, Portfolio and Work Management you first need to understand where you are. Our PPM, PMO & P3M3 Maturity Assessment combines the P3M3 Assessment with our in-depth data analysis & expertise.

We provide you with a unique insight into your organisational maturity. We benchmark your organisations against data from +700 organisations and, most importantly, provide practical recommendations for transformational change.

  • Assess Your Current PPM & PMO Maturity

  • Benchmark Against +700 Organisations

  • Understand Current Strengths & Weaknesses

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PMO Development & Implementation

The PMO sits at the heart of best practice Project, Portfolio & Work Management. Often undervalued, the PMO should have a clear remit & service catalogue, well defined performance KPIs and a Balanced Scorecard.

We work in partnership with you to setup & develop your best-fit practice PMO, whatever your “P” stands for.

Content meeting with four people around a table
  • Define your PMO Benefits Case

  • Demonstrate Value Delivery

  • Create Your PMO Balanced Scorecard

  • Develop Your PMO People

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Case Studies

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