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PMO Training Academy

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Dedicated to the needs of PMO practitioners at every level, our exclusive PMO Training Academy delivers a pick and mix of learning opportunities. Globally, our groundbreaking core PMO training courses are the only PMO professional courses independently Accredited by APM, The Chartered Body for Project Management in the UK.

The PMO Training Academy supports your journey through the PMO career ladder which is aligned to the Wellingtone Competence Framework. It provides an opportunity to select training courses to get the most out of you and your PMO’s development. Be inspired and create a practical toolbox to support your organisation.


Core PMO Training Academy Courses

PMO Training Academy Masterclasses

The core PMO training courses listed above are supported by masterclasses, which change every quarter.

Frequently Asked ‘PMO Training Academy’ Questions

Why the PMO Training Academy?2020-05-19T12:01:32+01:00

At Wellingtone, we are passionate about PMO learning and we acknowledge that the way we absorb information is changing. One generic course after another is not giving PMO practioners what they need to truly succeed.

The Wellingtone PMO Training Academy takes its ethos from our PPM DNA analogy; where every learner is different just like every organisation. So we devised it to provide a unique pick and mix of courses based on what is pertinent right now in the industry; both for your organisation and for you.

Will the masterclasses be the same at each PMO Training Academy?2020-05-19T12:02:51+01:00

No, the Toastmasters series will bring a new topic to each PMO Training Academy to ensure that you can come back and continue your development in this important area. The technology courses we have selected will change depending on demand, industry trends, and also what PMO Practitioners are telling us is important to them at that time.

So, you will never run the same courses again?2019-10-17T02:08:57+01:00

The PMO Academy core courses will always be available at each event. When it comes to Masterclasses, we may at some point run the same content in the future, but it will depend on the needs of the industry and our delegates.

Why the distinction between Core Academy and Masterclass courses?2019-10-17T02:09:00+01:00

The core courses are the staple learning opportunities for all PMO Practitioners; with every level catered for. It is therefore important that these are included at every PMO Academy.

The Masterclasses are; as the name implies, focused on a specialist set of deliverables for the delegates who attend.

Why these masterclasses?2019-10-17T02:09:02+01:00

When we speak to PMO Practitioners during our courses or our annual research, we ask them what topics they would like to explore. For the first PMO Academy we picked some of the most pertinent.

  • Ensuring that PMO people have the upper hand when planning and scheduling so they can support their delivery teams better with Microsoft Project.

  • Providing the opportunity to develop personally as well as technically to provide a total wellness approach to PMO learning through our series with Toastmasters focusing on public speaking, influencing, and storytelling.

  • According to our research, reporting remains the top activity for PMO teams, so making sure that PMO people can leverage the latest technology to not only support their Leaders to make informed decisions, but to do it in an efficient, less manual way than they have been used to.

Who will run the Masterclasses?2019-10-17T02:09:07+01:00

We pride ourselves on always to giving our delegates a variety of perspectives so the Masterclasses will be run by the most appropriate trainers. Sometimes this will be Wellingtone, and other times it will be a Master in their field from the industry.

Will the Masterclasses always be one day courses?2019-10-17T02:09:10+01:00

Not necessarily, depending on the topic, we may have half or several day Masterclasses for you to pick from.

Will the classes be massive?2019-10-17T02:09:12+01:00

All PMO Academy courses are purposefully kept small to make sure that our delegates get the most out of the experience.

How often will the PMO Academy run?2019-10-17T02:09:14+01:00

Not very often. Because Wellingtone commit to mentoring some of those that attend our PMO Leader course, the PMO Academy itself will run a maximum of three times a year.

Its exclusive but it’s a great accolade to be a part of it.

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