In the work economy of today, it is more important than ever to take control of our own development. People in the workplace need to feel like they are in a safe and nourishing environment, and that they are given the ability and opportunity to develop both their professional and personal skills to better themselves and reach the elusive perfect work life balance.

As a result, some of our own  Wellingtone clients (and other companies for sure) now make time for their employees to participate in charity work, exercise and meditation classes, and skills advancement in areas that don’t relate to their professional role. People and organisations are taking more time to enrich their work lives with both professional and personal development through individual choice.

When it comes to professional development, how people access and consume development opportunities is also changing. Industry events and training are becoming more and more virtual, with immersive VR and augmented reality technology. However brilliant that is from a logistics perspective, there really is no substitute for being in the same room, meeting, and interacting with other actual humans though.

The Wellingtone APM Accredited Agile Project Management is a prime example of how an immersive and interactive workshop is unbeatable when it comes to learning.

When project professionals ask for funding for training in Agile practices, the request is often met with “why, can’t you just google it?”. Er, no. Here we can give you some ammunition for getting approval to attend the course and bring your team to the forefront of change in your organisation.

The future is uncertain

Next Gen PPMMany factors contribute to making the future unknown and uncertain; the political and financial situation, the climate and the fast advanced in technology to mention just a few. What does this mean? It means that companies, and projects, should prepare for a future of ambiguity and complexity. Traditional project methods are not always suited to this but Agile offers a workable alternative. Your company is making a mistake but not investing in understanding how Agile can help.

Agile requires a big shift

People often think that they can “go Agile” simply by buying a new software or hiring a new team member (Oh if only it was that easy…). This is not the case; to use Agile methods in the right way and get full value you need to shift your processes, practices as well as your mindset and way of thinking. An article or quick e-learning will not teach you this, but by trying out different methods and techniques in the classroom you will get a true understanding of Agile entails.

Doing is the best way of learning

 A traditional course, or an e-learning, will teach you new theory and terminology. This is not sufficient to help you through the transformation that Agile requires. To really grasp Agile you need to practice doing it. That is why we designed our course to mimic the Agile experience, throwing you in at the deep end and giving you a safe space to practice Agile techniques and practices.

It will put you ahead of the game

Most organisations want to be seen as innovative and keep up with the trends of industry. This course will expose you to theory (what you should be doing), practice (what happens in real life) and developments (what the future holds). This unique perspective ensures that you won’t return to work with just the ‘best practice’ way of working, but the ‘best fit practice’ that will work for you with an eye on the future.

There isn’t another like it

There is no other APM accredited Agile project management course in the world! Our innovative approach to practical learning is unique and you will have an unforgettable experience.

test – project sponsor

There are real examples

Take a look at some of the feedback below from other delegates. You can read more over on our website.

The course was very well organised and the mini Backlog on the wall with course topics was a good reminder of the key aspects. Both teachers clearly knew the topic and presented it well and with enthusiasm. They also let us figure out the challenges we’ll face in the business and how we can manage them, rather than trying to impose a structure

Selfridges, Project Manager

I really enjoyed the course. I thought the concept of it being delivered as an Agile project was brilliant, and the course leaders were engaging and were able to adapt the course to fit some of our organisational needs.  I enjoyed the variety of methodologies and activities that we could get stuck into.

HESA, Project Manager

Great course, explained clearly what i wanted to understand and brought together many terms i’d heard. Innovative use of Agile to deliver the course helped us to practice as we learnt. Thank you.

– Commonwealth War Graves Commission, Director

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Karin Maule

Published: 11 May 2023

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