The Wellingtone APM Accredited Change Management Practitioner is an interactive and engaging course that covers theory and practical tools and ensures you and your classmates can share your experiences.

Change Management is not always a priority when it comes to training for project managers. When project professionals ask for funding for change management training, the request is often met with “why are you talking about that, focus on your schedule/budget/scope of output”. This is a real shame because change management is key to ensuring your organisation gets value from your project. Here, we can give you some ammunition for getting approval to attend the course and bring your team to the forefront of change in your organisation.

Change is inevitable and necessary

The only thing we can know for sure about the future is that it will involve a lot of change and that the success (and even survival) of your organisation will depend on your ability to deliver change.

It’s not just about what to do but also why

You might think that change management is just another checklist or a “one size fits all” process, but sadly, this is untrue. There are many useful tools and approaches, but you only get real value from them when you understand why they might be useful. Good change management rests on understanding how people react to change and the psychological mechanism behind change. Our course ensures you have this understanding so that you can use a critical eye to choose the best tools to implement your change.

It is easy to drown in a sea of theory

Theory is incredibly important… but there is so much of it! There is so much research and so many different takes on it…where to start?! Our course introduces the most important theories and connects the dots between them so that they give you a coherent picture – not just a bunch of different opinions.

Doing is the best way of learning

We take a practical approach to change management and to learning. Our course is centered on a realistic case study that allows you to practice the tools and concepts we teach on a practical example. There is also plenty of discussion points and opportunity to share your experiences so that everyone in the class learn from each other as well as the teacher.

It will put you ahead of the game

Most organisations want to be seen as innovative and keep up with the trends of industry. This course will expose you to theory (what you should be doing), practice (what happens in real life) and a pragmatic and adaptable framework for how to tackle change. This unique perspective ensures that you won’t return to work with just the ‘best practice’ way of working, but the ‘best fit practice’ that will work for you with an eye on the future.

There isn’t another like it

There is no other APM accredited change management course in the world!

There are real examples:

Take a look at some of the feedback below from other delegates. You can read more over on our website.

“The course presented a number of ideas and approaches that I had previously not considered or been aware of with respect to Change. It will be really useful to apply this knowledge to any size change in any situation going forward. If I had to take the reigns and implement a change I would start from a much stronger foundation now.”

–  Ontic, Project Manager

“I thought the training was fantastic and supported me in applying the theory to my role and real life project. Thank you Karin! “

University of Liverpool, PMO team member

“Not being a native speaker (English) I had to listen very carefully to catch all the information but all went well. Found the information on the change management process very clear, with engagingly pictured examples..”

– Dechra, Project Manager 

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