In January we showcased some of the upcoming changes to our PMO Community groups on LinkedIn which you can read HERE, that have been implemented across our groups in March.

Our new group structure is designed to bring together our Clients, FuturePMO attendees, and friends of Wellingtone enabling us to offer more varied events and learning opportunities.

So, what’s new?

In brief, our Assurance group has been decommissioned, our Academy group is now Wellingtone Community, and our PMO Practitioner group is for all those on the Wellingtone PMO Academy journey.

We have also made changes to our events helping us bring a better balance of events across various aspects of PPM and PMO, incorporating the best approach to drive valuable conversations, as well as categorising them so that you can choose the areas of interest for you right now.

PPM Practice Technology PMO Personal & Professional Development
Focused on aspects of PPM practice, exploring what good looks like and how to apply best fit practice Providing a practical view on how technology is evolving to enable successful delivery and visibility Identifying areas that PMOs need to consider and improve to develop a supportive culture of change Enabling your skills journey through core and complementary skills to develop your capability

Not all topics need to be supported by a webinar, so we have taken the time to identify the best format for you to to get the greatest value when donating your time to your development.

Webinars Networking In-Person Industry Specific
Best for sharing visual information that can be shared post event to make the content practical Best for discussion and exploring topics, perspectives, and innovations to PPM and PMO challenges Best for meeting peers from several industries, covering various topics, healthy debate, and food! Bringing together organisations from the same industry to explore commonalities and share experiences

So, what’s coming up?

Choosing our topics

We regularly ask our Wellingtone Community what topics are at the forefront of their current reality so that we can design the best possible programme of events, committing to at least six per year. Other topics already on our radar include:

  • PPM and PMO Maturity
  • Benefits Realisation Management
  • Investing in People
  • PPM Frontiers
  • PMO Identity
  • Managing Difficult Conversations
  • Learning from Projects
  • Starting with Assurance


Our annual conference ties our community together, with an opportunity to meet and listen to peers, visionaries, and legends in a fun, friendly, no sales environment, encouraging all PMO and PPM Practitioners to Learn, Share, and Grow.

Wellingtone Community March Update

You can read in full detail how passionate we are about communities and helping you on your PPM and PMO journey HERE. We hope to see you there!

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By: Emma Arnaz-Pemberton

Emma Arnaz-Pemberton
Consulting Director FAPM, MCMI, MPMI, MIoD PMO-CC, MoR, MSP, PRINCE2
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Published: 15 March 2023

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