The first new look Wellingtone virtual networking event in 2023 took place on the 14th March exploring the creation of Communities of Practice.

Whilst discussing the concept of communities of practice, everyone in the group agreed that they are an important aspect how project management practice is embedded, however more said that despite this, they had nothing that was properly structured.

Instead, attendees talked about the kind of events that they hold, albeit more on an ad hoc basis.

For those that have successfully stood up a Community of Practice some lessons learned were identified and detailed below in the steps to success portion of this update.

We discussed the keys to success during the networking sessions and identified where people’s gaps were too; giving them an indication of a roadmap to get a Community of Practice up and running.

Those who attended the networking event identified where the biggest gaps were, which can help us to understand what we need to focus on.

In this case, preparing the organisation so that they are able to engage confidently.

To complete the dicussion, we discussed the Benefits of creating a Community of Practice which can be used to build a case for implementing something more structured.

Lessons From the Network

  • Make it about voices: ensure that there is more than one voice involved in the delivery of the insights, intelligence, learning, and sharing events. Consider asking people to write short pieces for or host an event.

  • Bring in external people: utilis your community to provide a balanced view of the industry along with your internal perspectives.

  • Discuss unexpected topics: don’t make it about the mechanics of project management, bring in some topics that are complementary which will help people succeed such as influencing skills or virtual working.

  • Make it inclusive: project management should not be an exclusive club so ensure that you encourage people from around the organisation to join.

  • Make it theirs: in the beginning, there will be a need for clear ownership and management of the Community. It is important, however, that your infrastructure supports others taking the lead and making the Community self-sustaining.

  • Use technology: get to grips with all the amazing collaboration technology that is out there to give people the best possible experience, and provide those less confident to engage.

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By: Emma Arnaz-Pemberton

Emma Arnaz-Pemberton
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Published: 21 March 2023

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