Wellingtone PPM DNAHumans are 99.9% identical. This means that the devil of what makes us unique is in the finer detail. People tend to think that organisations from the same industry can largely be managed in the same way with elements of it being a carbon copy. But when Senior Managers move between companies in the same industry and attempt to ‘lift and shift’ ways of working, they often fail.

What if organisations that appear similar to outsiders actually have a side to them that makes them unique? Just like us humans.

As part of our instinct to drive PPM Intelligence, Wellingtone has introduced the concept of PPM DNA. Your organisational DNA that tells us your PPM traits, natural behaviours, and responses to change that can help you to define a roadmap that works – not because a book says so; but because it aligns with your natural organisational culture, and offers an opportunity to add real value to your organisation.

Our PPM DNA contains a number of services that support your current and future DNA profile. We will work with you at whatever stage you are in your PPM journey to refine it and make sure it works for your organisational reality.

All organisations are naturally a bit Tactical, Supportive, Strategic and Governing in their culture and make-up.

Our services are designed to support a step-change in maturity in these areas – thereby evolving your PPM DNA to be the best it can be.

Our PPM DNA services include:

  • Building the PMO Business case: our defined method for creating the concept, benefit and value case for your new PMO to start off the right way.
  • PMO 3D: Our three-step process for a new or emerging PMO; Design, Define, and Deliver the PMO your organisation needs.
  • PPM Methodologies: Building on our extensive work across industries, our tried and tested scalable methods for use with all types of initiatives can be tailored to your PPM DNA.
  • PPM Governance: Our creative approach to selecting the appropriate level of organisational governance can help you get the right level of assurance for your leadership.
  • PPM Competency: Along with the APM Competence Framework, our PMO specific competence framework helps your PMO people to develop their career path.
  • PPM Training: Our APM accredited trainers bring bespoke training packages for your organisational reality including our APM Accredited PMO Practitioner training course.
  • PPM Teams: Our Associates supporting and guiding you in creating the right team for your PPM journey.
  • PPM Community: Using your existing technology and processes, helping you facilitate a community of practitioners to ensure you spread the word of PPM and PMO.
  • PMO Maturity: Our Wellintone maturity model designed specifically for your PMO team to plan and monitor your journey.
  • Key Performance Indicators: Our PMO Balanced Scorecard with pre-defined and bespoke indicators to prove your PMO value to those that matter.
  • Activity Definition: Our Wellingtone definition tool provides you with a simple project profiling process for all your change activity giving you an initial prioritisation of activities.
  • PMO Value Ring: As the exclusive partner for the UK, we bring the PMO Value Ring and the PMO Global Alliance into your organisation.

PPM DNA - WellingtoneWith this unique ethos and set of services, we believe that Wellingtone will be able to bring your PPM DNA to the forefront. Whether you choose one or many services from our Supporting services, you are building and evolving your PPM DNA.

If you choose for us to join you on your journey, we will bring best in class insights and forward-thinking solutions, keeping you ahead of the competition and firmly on the best practice curve in the best possible way.

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By: Baz Khinda

Baz Khinda
Commercial Director, BA, MBS, MCTS, CertBusM, PRINCE2, Microsoft P-SSP (Partner Solution Sales professional)
Categories: Consulting, PMO

Published: 5 October 2017

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