When a project reaches completion, we recommend the users to follow the Project Closure procedure. This is to ensure that the tasks, assignments etc do not affect the users and reports.

We have had a few questions recently as to what happens to the Project Sites after a Project is closed down. The short answer is – the Project Sites stay as they are. This is because the content of the Project Sites such as the Documents, Risks, and Issues may be needed for various reasons after a project is closed.

One of the follow-up questions we have had was – “Wouldn’t it be nicer if the landing page did not show the Project Site?”. Thinking about it – yes, it definitely would, wouldn’t it!

If you have a project has been closed and you do not want to show the Project Site on the landing page of your PWA, you can follow the below steps:

  • Go to PWA Settings
  • Go to Connected SharePoint sites under the Operational Policies section.
  • Select the Project that has been closed and click on Edit Site Address
  • Under Edit Site Address change to Unlink the SharePoint site from the project option and click OK
  • Once this is done, the Project Site will, for all practical purposes, remain as a subsite in the Project Web App. The data will remain intact and can be accessed from the PWA >> Site Contents >>Subsites.

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By: Peter Amalrajan

Peter Amalrajan
Head of PPM Support, Wellingtone

Published: 18 February 2021

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